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We at Fairway Properties are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in all developments undertaken. Fairway Properties is synonymous with innovation and dynamism and we have been successful in developing luxury apartments in Sri Lanka whereby providing optimum living solutions to our discerning customers. Our strengths lie in our ability to deliver beyond expectation, raise the bar and leave our unparalleled legacy behind.

With multiple choices offered in location and apartment types, Fairway Properties is sure to give you a home you never thought conceivable.

Luxury Apartments in Sri LankaForesight – Innovation coupled with foresight is key. We possess the ability to predict newer and better modes of living, a step ahead of time. At Fairway Holdings, we are always a step ahead.

Our insatiable thirst to better ourselves for your benefit keeps us striving for more. Our customers deserve futuristic solutions in an ever changing world and we are there to meet these needs through extensive analysis and constant innovation. Our standards remain unparalleled.

At Fairway Holdings, a home grown Sri Lankan corporate, we are known for our dynamism and rapid growth. We continue to innovate and consciously raise the bar. This facet has been the cornerstone of our success. Our visionary approach and steadfast commitment to maintain highest quality has not only brought uniqueness in what is offered to our customers but has also won us their trust. We pride ourselves in our honest work and core principles of integrity. This trust has transformed into unwavering loyalty over the years due to the high standards of quality we have maintained.

The Fairways” located in Rajagiriya – a rapidly developing suburb in the Colombo Metropolis is the corporate office of Fairway Holdings. This state of the art high rise office complex houses strategic management teams of most of our SBU’s. The combined staff strength at our corporate office and our operational hubs spread across the country presently stands over 700.
The rich legacy of Fairway Holdings in residential and commercial high rise developments dates back to 2007, when our first residential development “The Fairway on the Waterfront” was commissioned. This was followed by The Fairmount in 2010 and Fairway Sky Gardens in 2015. To date we have successfully handed over 300 plus sought after vertical living solutions to our valued customers. This figure is set to climb rapidly in the coming years as our ongoing projects – the Elements, Fairway Galle, Urban Homes Fairway Koswatta and Latitude by Fairway draws to completion in 2017, 2018 and 2020.

Extending our business acumen into diverse ventures, today we boast of interests in Leisure, Aviation, Trading, Pharmaceuticals, Bio Technology, and Financial Services. A key feature of our diversification success has been our ability to attract and sustain some of the best human capital from the relevant industries.

Luxury Apartments for Sale in Sri Lanka
Two of our developments; the Fairway on the Waterfront and the Fairmount – Urban Oasis, received the ICTAD Construction Excellence Award in 2008 and 2010 respectively, reinforcing that our hands-on approach with each of our projects was key to creating outstanding developments in the country.

ICTAD’s annual awards for Construction Excellence recognizes exceptional performance in the field of construction, taking into consideration factors such as professionalism, quality, material, manpower, the use of innovative technology, intelligent engineering.

Luxury Beachfront Apartments in Sri LankaThe three completed luxury apartment projects; The Fairway on the Waterfront, The Fairmount – Urban Oasis and Sky Gardens are centered on cleaner living. Located in Rajagiriya the wetlands, the natural habitat and its surrounding areas, also make it the ideal location for eco-friendly luxury apartment living. However, in order to retain the beauty of this natural environment, Fairway properties was careful to leave the natural eco system unperturbed.

All Fairway Properties under construction takes this initiative to the next level, further contributing to a lifestyle that reduces our carbon footprint. The flawless interiors will be designed specifically to maximize natural ventilation and lighting in order to promote healthier living. LED lighting and state-of-the-art “Air Conditioning” to lower the energy costs, rain-water for gardening to reduce the overall water consumption, the use of engineered timber products that are imported from responsibly harvested sources will be used in the construction and development of this magnificent edifice.

All projects undertaken by the Group are carefully checked from every perspective to conserve our nation’s valuable natural resources and to minimize the negative impacts through routinized implementation and sustainable management.