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Lakeside Cottages

The Fairway Advantage.


We at Fairway Holdings Group are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in all developments undertaken. Fairway Holdings is synonymous with innovation and dynamism and we have succeeded in providing luxury living solutions to our discerning customers. Our strengths lie in our ability to deliver beyond expectation, raise the bar and leave our unparalleled legacy behind.

With multiple choices offered in location and apartment types, Fairway Properties is sure to give you a home you never thought conceivable.

Engineered Timber Doors and engineered timber floor

  • Better thermal insulation
  • No warping or twisting variation due to heat
  • This is because multiple layers of timber are pressed and glued together in different directions
  • Responsibly harvested and better use of materials from trees
    (i.e. Even small parts of the tree can be used. This is in contrast to solid wood doors where large pieces are required)
  • More resistant to usual expansion and contraction caused by heat
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Certified and responsibly harvested timber is a sustainable and renewable construction material
  • Responsibly harvested means that during the harvesting process trees are also planted and grown which helps offset the effect.
  • This planting takes carbon out of the atmosphere.
  • Less waste of timber in generated in making engineered timber

*Applicable for selected properties

Windows – Double Glazed

  • Reduced noise
  • Reduced heat transmission
  • Reduced condensation (due to air gap)
  • Lower energy bills
  • Reduced carbon footprint, energy saving
  • Use of low e glass – Reinforced as an IGU (insulated glass unit)
  • Enhance your home’s value, lower monthly running costs and more comfortable temperature

*Applicable for selected properties

Windows – uPVC

  • uPVC is the highest quality frame in the market
  • Up to 30% power saving
  • Excellent thermal & sound insulation
  • Highest performance & lowest maintenance
  • Wind resistant & water tight
  • More secure with multi point locking system
  • More sustainable that alternate materials (i.e. Aluminium)

*Applicable for selected properties

Lighting Energy saving LED light fittings

  • LED lighting is much better energy efficient than CFL or conventional lighting
  • LED lighting features have longer operational life time expectations
  • LED lighting is much more eco-friendly
  • LED Lighting Features Close to No UV Emissions
  • LED lights achieve higher application efficiency
  • LED lights can be turned On/Off many times

*Applicable for selected properties

Prime Rated Back Generator

  • Back- up power is supplied to the entire building not like other buildings that have only for common areas

*Applicable for selected properties

LP Gas on tap

  • Build in detector system for safety
  • No hassle of carrying a cylinder

*Applicable for selected properties

Perfectly placed tap on sink

  • Ensures that no water is splashed out for safety
  • Helps keep the floor dry and Hygienic

*Applicable for selected properties

Acrylic (Staron) counter tops

  • Pores-es unlike natural products like granite and wood which gets stained
  • Much more hygienic as it is easier to clean
  • More durable and could be polished frequently

*Applicable for selected properties

Air Conditioning (VRV Technology)

  • All living areas of the apartment excluding kitchen and toilets
  • Cheaper to run as it consumes less power
  • Far quicker to achieve desired temperature
  • The start – up time is reduced by 30%
  • Much quieter
  • No temperature fluctuations, maximizing comfort level
  • No voltage peaks from compressor
  • Backup power

*Applicable for selected properties

Club house facilities

  • Galle beach club house for all Fairway Galle homeowners
  • Fairway Recreation for Sky Gardens and Elements homeowners

*Applicable for selected properties

2 Car Ports at Elements

  • Elements home owners are entitled to 2 car ports

*Applicable for selected properties

Fitted out kitchen

  • Imported pantry cupboards which includes Hood, Hob, Microwave and washing machine as standard

*Applicable for selected properties

Electric car charging facility

*Applicable for selected properties

InSinkErator® knows disposals best, because they were our idea.

Insinkerator is a food waste disposer units, use no blades whatsoever. Instead, impellers mounted on a spinning plate use centrifugal power to force food waste particles against a grind ring. That ring breaks down the food waste into very fine particles – virtually liquefying them.

Running water from the tap then flushes the particles through the grind ring out of the disposer and into your wastewater pipe. From there it flows to the wastewater treatment plant or your septic system.